AirTM How does it work? Payment processor of the future

AirTM that is and how it works Is it safe and reliable? In this post, I am going to answer all those questions you might have about AirTM and I will tell you why AirTM the payment processor of the future.

AirTM is a very useful processor especially for us who works on the internet, sometimes we need to exchange money between different processors or sometimes you just want to withdraw your money to your local currency.

AirTM the payment processor of the future

What AirTM is and how does it work?

AirTM is a new payment processor founded in 2015 by two young entrepreneurs: Ruben Galindo Steckel and Antonio Garcia.

Initially, it depended on the Uphold API, now it has it is own called “The Air Platform”. It is a cloud-based platform that allows anyone to save or move money. You can get access to it from 190 countries with more than 90 thousand successful transactions and here are some of its benefits:

* Have access to dollars from anywhere in the world.

*To be able to withdraw money trapped in electronic processors like PayPal, Payza and many more.

* If your currency is constantly devalued, in AirTM you can preserve that money in dollars, thus preventing it from losing its value.

* Send dollars to people around the world who have an AirTM account for free.

How to register for free on AirTM

Opening an account on AirTM is free and without any maintenance costs or hidden fees.

You can join for free here:

Then click the join button in the next page, after that you will see a page like this.

In the short registration form, you must provide a valid email address, your country of residence and the type of account. Then we will receive an email to validate your information and finish with the brief registration process. Once you have verified your personal data, then you will be ready to access your account.

After completing your first 5 transactions, you will be awarded $1.

How Does AirTM Deposit Cloud Dollar Payments Work?

AirTM can function like your ordinary checking account. You can deposit and withdraw local currency to and from your AirTM dollar account. You can also send and receive dollar payments instantly and for free to anyone in the world from anywhere in the world.


After you open your AirTM, you hit the “Deposit” button and enter the amount of local currency you wish to deposit into your account. You can choose from a range of different e-transfer methods to deposit money into your account.


Once you’ve picked your deposit method, AirTM will match you with a trustworthy cashier in your local area. That cashier earns a small commission for completing your transaction. AirTM will debit the dollars from the casher’s AirTM account as soon as the cashier accepts the transaction. You e-transfer money to the cashier, and then the dollars are released to your AirTM account.

How Does AirTm Withdrawal Cloud Dollar Payments Work?

When you need to withdraw local currency, you can hit the withdraw button, enter the amount of local currency you want to withdraw, then input the e-transfer method you wish to use.

AirTM the payment processor of the future

You can withdraw money to ordinary banks, cryptocurrency wallets, or even gift cards. When you need to withdraw money from your AirTM account for local cash, AirTM will match you with a verified local cashier once again.

The end result is that you can send and receive payments anywhere in the world instantly and for free. AirTM aims to be the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way to manage dollars without relying on traditional banks.

All of this might seem unnecessary for those who live in well-served parts of the world – like countries with well-established banking infrastructure.

That’s why AirTM is catered to a Latin American audience. The company’s primary customers come from Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina, all of which have been facing significant currency devaluation in recent years.

Even if you do live in a part of the world with good banking infrastructure, you can use AirTM to manage your gift card wealth. If you have an Amazon or Starbucks gift card, for example, then you can store and transfer that money using AirTM, making it easier to spend your funds anywhere.

Earn dollars with AirTM referrals (Referral Program)

You can make money promoting AirTm, at this moment they are paying up to $ 2 for each person we invite. Not only do you win, since your referral also earns $ 1 when you complete your first transaction as a verified user.

AirTM the payment processor of the future

Note: To earn a profit from the AirTM referral program, both you and your referral must have the account verified.

Opinions about AirTM and conclusion

It is a relatively new platform, transparent and above all very useful since it allows us to have money in the processor that you want. On the other hand, you can also change your dollars to local currency directly to your bank.

The service they offer has improved a lot, now there are many more ATMs making transactions faster and more effective. Like PayPal, this platform also includes a dispute system, so you can rest easy when moving your money.

The technical is very good and reliable, they always respond in a friendly and precise manner. There is also a live chat and social networks like their facebook page, where they respond instantly.

Many reasons make AirTM the payment processor of the future. If you are interested in benefiting from this platform and earn $ 1 for your first 5 transactions. You can register for free by clicking the link below.